Model 77 Kelly Spinner


Function - The Kelly Spinner is the fastest method for safely making connections. This tool is always in position for use. It bolts to the bottom of the swivel and is out of the way at all times. The driving motor (whether air or hydraulic) has enough torque to make the connection as tight as required. It can be run off the rig air or hydraulic system (please specify which) or suitable separate power systems.

Air or Hydraulic Powered - The Kelly Spinner is powered by either a high-speed hydraulic motor or 20 HP multi-vane air motor. These motors enable it to start the Kelly spinning at full RPM before the threads are made up. The hydraulic model is controlled by a hand-operated valve, usually placed next to the driller's console or combined with power tong controls. The free running speed of the hydraulic version is 78 RPM with 33 GPM at 2,000 psi.

Reversible - The Model 77 is also available with reversible feature for right and left rotation. This feature is available in both hydraulic or air-powered models. Conversion kit available to add reversible feature to standard model 77.