1. Is reseller pricing available?

Yes. On certain parts reseller pricing is available. Please use the “Contact us form” and tell us the parts you are looking for. At this time reseller pricing is not available for equipment that is completely assembled. To offer reseller pricing we will need a copy of your wholesale license or sales tax permit for your state.


2. What are the payment methods for orders inside USA?

1.     Major credit cards through Paypal

2.     Cashiers check or Business check.

a. Subject to 30 day check clearing period before shipping. (New customers only)       

3.     Bank wire transfer.


3. Are open accounts available?

Yes for US buyers. We will only offer an open account to customers who have successfully completed 3 orders through us and passed a credit check. The open account amount will generally start out small limited to 10% to 20% of the sum of previous orders. We realize that this may be a slow way to obtain credit. But this method reduces risk and allows each company to build a strong trusting relationship.


4. Will you ship internationally?

Yes we accept orders from all over the world. However, due to the high risk of shipping internationally all orders must be prepaid before shipping. We will not ship to Nigeria or Ghana under any circumstance. We prefer to initially ship lower value items until we have built a good relationship with the customer.


5. Do we have to pay sales tax?

Only of the items are shipped to a location in Texas.


6. Why are there not prices and lists for all of the products?

We are assembling a parts list with prices at this time. We will have some 2800+ parts available once the site is complete. We are working everyday to complete the list and get it online. Please direct all questions through the contact us page.


7. I have never heard of your company. How do we know that this is a legitimate business?

We understand your concerns of ordering large dollar amounts from a website. This is why we prefer the long-term approach. We would prefer that you make your first order a small order. It is our goal to build positive long-term customer relationships.